Instant payday loans online with the best offers

Compare among the best immediate loans and get the money you need by just a click, without paperwork or waiting. You can get from small quick loans to solve unforeseen events, to immediate personal loans online to finance different projects.

What to do to get fast loans online?

The process to apply for instant payday loans via Green-Touch instant lender is very simple and fast to complete. Thanks to fintech (the technology applied to the world of finance), all processing is done in a matter of minutes and through the Internet and in many cases we can receive the requested capital on the same day. The process can vary depending on each entity, but in general, these are the steps we will have to take to get an immediate credit :

  1. Choose an online loan according to our needs
    • The first thing we must do is analyze our personal situation and our economic needs by making a detailed budget of how much money we need and when we will be able to repay it.
    • Once we know how much money we need and when we will be able to repay it, we must choose between the immediate online loans that best suit our profile.
  2. Complete the form
    • When we have chosen the immediate loan that best suits us, we must fill out the online form with our personal and economic data so that the entity can carry out the analysis prior to approval.
    • In addition, we must also send the relevant documentation by email or by attaching it to the form.
  3. Sign the contract and receive the money in our account
    • When the entity approves our request, it will send us a contract that we must read carefully and sign only if we fully agree with all the clauses that appear.
    • Once the lender receives the signed contract, it will instantly transfer the capital that we have requested to the indicated account and we can enjoy the immediate online loan in a matter of minutes.

In case of any doubt, the lenders usually offer several ways of communication to solve the questions that may arise about the process. It is important to analyze our economic situation well and make sure that we are solvent enough to face the payments without a problem.

The transfer speed of the quick credits

Immediate online loans are granted, as the name suggests, almost instantly to be able to enjoy the money in our account in just 15 minutes. However, even if the transfer of the money is done so quickly, in some cases the credit may take up to two business days to reach the borrower’s account.

This delay is due to the fact that private equity lenders only work with a certain group of banks and transfers between accounts of different banks can take several days to be effective, whereas transfers between accounts of the same bank are made at the same time. instant

What do I need to contract loans online?

Thanks to new technologies, every time the entities that offer online credits need less documentation to be able to carry out the analyzes prior to the approval of our application. Each entity will require some documents or others according to their policies, although the vast majority agree that we must present the following:

  • Identity document: DNI or NIE certifying that we are of legal age and resident in Spain.
  • Proof of income: a document that verifies that we receive sufficient income to cope with the repayment of the immediate loans online. It does not necessarily have to be a payroll, any type of income that is monthly, demonstrable and sufficient will be valid, although it is advisable that we first consult the entity to which we go.
  • Bank statement: so that the lender knows our monthly expenses and income.

Some entities offer online identification services with which we can get fast loans without paperwork thanks to mobile applications that send information about our online banking, with prior authorization, to the lenders. In this way, it will not be necessary to deliver any type of documentation and we will be able to speed up the processes considerably.

What if I can not pay online loans on time?

Before applying for immediate online loans, or any type of financing, we must be completely sure of being able to reimburse them without any problem within the agreed period. Otherwise, it is best not to apply for loans because we run the risk of ending up in debt. If for any reason we are unable to face the repayment of the immediate loans, we have two options to avoid falling into default:

  • Request an extension: in the case of instant online mini-loans, as they are reimbursed in a single payment, we can extend the return period by a few days, usually between 7 and 30 more days, to have an extra time to get liquidity necessary to be able to return it in full. The great advantage of requesting an extension instead of incurring a non-payment is that the interest generated during that period is usually not higher than that of the normal interest, but the default interest is higher. It is important to request the extensions before incurring the non-payment to be granted without having to pay more.
  • Request a deficiency: it is about not paying part or all of one or several installments of the credit. This option is more common in immediate personal loans. As reimbursement in monthly installments we can request a deficiency, that is, delay one or several payments of monthly installments to “have a break” that month and rebalance our economy. As with the extension, we must request it before the fee is charged.

In this way, we can avoid default and all commissions and “penalties” that accompany it. It is very important to always analyze our economic situation and assess whether or not we will be able to repay the credits requested. Some entities can access a negotiation to agree on a reimbursement method that suits our economic situation, although we should not have this option because it will depend a lot on different factors such as the rigidity of their policies, our negotiation capacity, …

Can I request immediate credits in ASNEF?

If we are registered in a file of defaulters, our options of getting an immediate loan with ASNEF are considerably reduced. For example, banks will not grant us money and lenders of high amounts will be very reluctant to do so. However, there are several private equity entities that will allow us to get an immediate loan, even if we are in this situation. In order to apply for the funding we need, we will generally be required to comply with two additional requirements :

  1. In the first place, our debt cannot come from any bank, that is, we cannot be registered in the list of defaults for a credit card, a payroll advance or a bank draft.
  2. Second, the debt for which we are in ASNEF may not exceed 1,000 or 500 euros. The amount will vary depending on the lender we go to.

If we meet these requirements, in principle, we should not have problems to get up to 750 euros in a few minutes. However, if we ask for a loan of a higher amount, it is best to make the debt effective and leave the list of defaults.